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The light of God surrounds me,
The love of God enfolds me,
The power of God protects me,
The presence of God watches over me,
Wherever I am, God is. And all is well.

This "Prayer for Protection" by Unity poet James Dillet Freeman was taken to the moon by two different Space Shuttle crews. It is a favorite of and has blessed millions of people. Enjoy!


We ask that you join with us in bringing about a Heavenly world right now through practicing love and forgiveness with everyone you know. Here's the deal: For every one of us who forgives another and practices love in all our relationships, we counterbalance the negative energy of thousands who prefer to hate, judge and commit violence.

We ask that you pray and/or meditate at least 5 minutes per day sending love to the world:


Creating a Critical Mass for Peace

Please join us in creating a critical mass for peace
by saying this prayer every day and passing
it on to your friends:

O God of many names and all nations,
We ask you to touch the hearts and minds
of those among us who
might be considering violence today.
We ask a special blessing upon President Bush,
Saddam Hussein, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of
our military, Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat;
and to all leaders of governments and political
organizations around the globe.
Open their minds to peaceful solutions
to our human problems.
Open their hearts to your Love.
Touch all of us deeply, O Lord,  and  bring
Your peace and sanity to this world.

Thank you God, Amen


"Prayer is both invocation and affirmation.
Meditation, concentration, denial, and affirmation
in the silence are all form of what is loosely termed prayer."
--- Jesus Christ Heals by Charles Fillmore

"Prayer is the exercise of faith in the presence and power of the unseen God. Supplication, faith, meditation, silence, concentration,
are mental attitudes that enter into and form part of prayer."
--- Atom Smashing Power of Mind by Charles Fillmore



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Please let us know if your prayer is for healing, prosperity, relationships, illumination or general well being.

God Hears Your Prayers.

With God all things are possible.